Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

Pent Valley Leisure Centre


Workshop Information

Subjects offered include: Art, Cooking and DT, Child Care, ICT, Literacy, Maths, Music, Performing Arts, Project Based Learning, Science, and Vocational Studies. Utilising our specialist Design and Technology department and their facilities, schools this year can attend mobile making and magnet making workshops including use of graphic design technology. ICT is delivered through our LEGO technology workshop in which pupils work in groups, building robots, programming actions and watching their successes move in front of their eyes. Further sessions allow primary schools access to our radio station, to record songs as part of music workshop, write news releases as part of project based learning. Access to our performing arts studio or the opportunity to try their hand at pizza making and cake baking in our dedicated kitchens.


Pupils take part in an innovative art workshop called 'The Journey'. Creating their own map using a variety of art techniques pupil re create their thoughts on paper

ICT and Logic Technology

Through the use of LEGO technology pupils will build their own robot, programme their robots movements and then spend time understanding movement controls and actions to move their robot around pre designed circuits.

Technology & Design

Pupils spend two sessions at Pent Valley Technology College learning new skills through both cookery and design technology. Pupils create their own healthy pizza's and then go on to design, create and produce styled key rings. Schools can theme this workshop to meet national curiculum needs.

Performing Arts

Utilising our unqiue facilities, pupils take part in two 45min workshops of dance and drama. Pupils learn key dance and drama motifs and then go on to produce dance and drama pieces supported by Pent Valley students, culminating in a performance to their peers.


Pupils enjoy experiments looking at key curriculum concepts. Through investigation and evaluation pupils look at forces, masses and science solutions

Ready to Read

All sessions utilise our Learning Resource Centre. For younger year groups,  pupils enjoy a story telling session and reflect on their learning through games and colouring activities. For older year groups, pupils learn how to successfully use a library for research purposes.

Art/Crafts & Cooking

Led by Childcare Students from Pent Valley, Key Stage 1 pupils are led through themed activities in cooking, art creation activities and craft making sessions utilising the 'messy corner' of paint, glitter and stickers!

Maths is Magic

Taking part in a pratical Maths session, pupils learn about 3D shapes, try challenging maths quizzes and take part in maths problem solving.