Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

Pent Valley Leisure Centre


School Information Regulations

School Information Regulations

As of the start of the 2012/13 Academic year a new set of regulations were introduced by the Secretary of State for Education aimed at ensuring parents had access to data on every school. The specific information relevant to Pent Valley can be found within the school website but it is pulled together in this short document.

 1. Contact Information

The school is called Pent Valley (previously Pent Valley Technology College)

The postal address is: Surrenden Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4ED

The telephone number is: 01303 277161

The contact name for enquiries is: Mrs Sue Rollinson, Headteacher’s PA.


2. Admissions Policy

The school is closing at the end of this Academic Year i.e. 31st August 2017.


3. Recent Ofsted Report & KS4 Results

The last report and results can be found at:


4. Behaviour Policy

Our behaviour policy is captured in 3 documents that are present in every classroom. These are:

The PV Message

1. I care about my school and realise that I have a part to play in making it a successful and happy place to be.

2. I will have high expectations of myself and try my best to improve, both in and out of the classroom, so that I can reach my potential.

3. I understand that I need to treat everybody in school with care and consideration and realise that nothing I do or say should make other people unhappy.

4. I will celebrate mine and other people’s achievements but if I make a mistake, I will be honest, accept advice and do anything in my power to put things right.

5. I must remember that my actions outside of school, good or bad, will reflect on the whole of the school community.


My school concentrates on success and achievement.

Classroom Code

1. Be on time and ready to learn.

2. Follow your teacher’s instructions.

3. Be positive and purposeful about your learning.

4. Always try your best.

5. Remember that everyone has the right to learn in this classroom.

Site Code

1. Be careful and remain calm as you move around the school.

2. Show consideration to others by speaking politely and acting thoughtfully.

3. Care about your school by being clean and tidy.

4. Look after the buildings and respect the property of other people.

5. Remember that everyone has the right to feel safe and that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.


5. Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium, initially introduced in April 2011, is additional funding which is allocated to schools on the basis of the number of pupils who have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any point over the last six years (known as “Ever 6 FSM”). The pupil Premium is aimed at addressing the current underlying inequalities which exist between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more affluent peers.
The Pupil Premium also provides for children who are in looked after (known as Child in Care (CiC)) and the children of service personnel.

The level of funding per student for the 2016/17 financial year is:
• Ever 6 - £935
• Service family - £300
• CIC - £1900

In the case of CIC students the funding since 1st September 2014 is held by the home local authority of the student and schools have to bid for specific funding to support the student.

The DfE has given schools freedom to use the Pupil Premium they receive as they see fit, based upon our knowledge of our students’ needs. However, we are accountable to both our parents and school community for the use of this additional funding to narrow the achievement gap of our students.

At the start of the last financial year (2015/16) we had:

• 267 students in years 7-11 who had received free school meals in one or more of the previous 6 years (Ever 6). This        was 40.2% of the school population.
• 60 students from a Service family and
• 9 Looked after Children

For which we received additional funding of £298,400.

For the current financial year (2016/17) we have a budget of £147,150.

For the last academic year the funding was spent as follows:











































The funding above is targeted at providing support to our students in order to progress and increase their confidence to learn. Whilst the school has been inclusive of students eligible for free school meals it has also included other students with similar needs.

At the end of Key Stage 4 the attainment gap between our students eligible for Free School Meals and their peers compared with the County Average was as follows:


Pent Valley

5+GCSE incl Eng & Maths

 10% (14%)

3 Levels of Progress - English

  31% (11%)

3 Levels of Progress - Maths

31% (26%)

NB (1) The figures in brackets for 5+GCSE show the attainment gap between FSM and non-FSM students.
(2) The figures in brackets for Levels of progress show the gap between FSM students and all students.

For Children in Care the position was as follows:


Pent Valley

5+ GCSE incl Eng and Maths


 NB Pent Valley had 2 CIC students in Year 11.


6. SEND Policy

The school’s SEND policy can be found on the Pent Valley website:


7. Charging and Remissions Policy

 The school policy is set out below:

We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum for all the students within our care. However, it is recognised that many educationally valuable activities have been, and will continue to be, dependant on financial contributions in whole or part from parents and carers. Without that financial support, the school would find it impossible to maintain the quality and breadth of educational experiences provided for the students

The 1996 Education Act requires all schools to have a policy on charging and remissions for school activities, which will be kept under regular review. It is the policy of the Governing Body:

To levy, except where students are entitled to statutory remission, a charge for all board and lodging costs on residential visits (not to exceed the expected costs) see note 1.

1. To levy a proportionate charge for activities wholly or mainly outside school hours which are not part of the National Curriculum, statutory religious education or in preparation for prescribed public examinations.

2. To levy no charge for examination entries except where:

i) the school has not prepared students for the examination in the year for which entry is made, or
ii) a student has failed, for no good reason, to complete the requirements of the examination or to attend it.

iii) a student and/or parent/guardian requests entry to an examination against the professional view of the school.

3. To levy no charge in respect of books, materials, equipment instruments or incidental transport provided in connection with the National Curriculum, statutory religious education or in preparation for prescribed public examinations or courses taught at school, except where parents have indicated in advance their wish to purchase the product.

4. To request voluntary contributions from parents for school activities in or out of school time for which compulsory charges cannot be levied but which can only be provided if there is sufficient voluntary funding, whilst ensuring that no student is excluded from such activity by reason of inability or unwillingness to make a voluntary contribution.

5. However, if a particular activity cannot take place without financial support from parents this will be explained at the planning stage. An activity may be cancelled if insufficient voluntary contributions are collected.

6. To seek payment from parents for damage to, or loss of, school property caused wilfully or negligently by their children.

7. To leave to the Head’s decision, the proportion of costs for an activity which should be charged to public or non-public funds.

8. To delegate to the Chair and the Head the determination of any individual case arising from the implementation of this policy.


In circumstances where a school activity has ended with a surplus of funds, these may be refunded to the parents/guardians who paid for the activity. The school will refund if the value of the refund is £5 or higher. The cost of administering prohibits any refunds less than £5 and we cannot issue cash. Refunds over £5 and up to £15 will be made to the students Parentpay account, refunds over £15 will be made by cheque.

Where a parent/guardian requests a student’s withdrawal from a trip, any deposit paid will be non-refundable. In addition, unless a replacement is found, the parents will be liable to any costs incurred to date.


1. This is with the exception of pupils whose parents are receiving the benefit of Free School Meals.  Since April 2003 the eligibility criteria that entitle families to an exemption from paying for the cost of board and lodging on residential visits have been aligned with free school meals eligibility criteria.  The head teacher must inform all parents of the right to claim free board and lodging if they are receiving these benefits.


This policy is reviewed annually by the Governors and may be amended if appropriate. Any eventuality not covered for by this policy will be considered by the Head and Governors and a decision made in line with the LA Policy on charging.


8. School Ethos & Values

Pent Valley will:

· have high expectations of staff and pupils as life-long learners
· aspire for achievement beyond expectation utilising digital technologies
· celebrate shared values showing care, courtesy and consideration.

Achievement in all subjects will be monitored closely ensuring aspirational but realistic targets are set for each learner, these will be shared and the journey towards these achievements will be celebrated throughout the school community. Pupil voice will be gathered to enable the pupil body to feel listened to and for them to help shape their school.

Conduct throughout the school will show care, courtesy and consideration. Pupils that fall short of expectations will be dealt with swiftly, effectively and fairly. Mutual respect will permeate the school and relationships between staff and pupils will be positive.